Christophe Terlinden
Texts : Francis Mary, François Curlet, Bart De Baere, Anne-Esther Henao, Luk Lambrecht, Yoann Van Parys
ISELP / Le Carré scène nationale
134 pages
19 EUR



Christophe Terlinden


This book, highlights twenty-two years of ideas, drawings, objects and actions; Tales up to 52, Collects in flight some large coloured feathers of birds with sharp eyes; Traces a topography that links Brussels, New Zealand, Antwerp, San Francisco, Liège and New-York, passing through Château-Gontier…

All of this makes it possible to set up a panoramic point of view that shows a landscape in which 52 varieties of the same species have been identified.

Educated by nature, these varieties take root in everyday life, in the minimum of a walk, by the movement of chimes, while playing at tea time, with 1€ in your pocket, through a persistent ray of sunshine, in a clock that no longer ticks, in a streetlight that illuminates the past time, on a royally public pond, in the skin of an orange, by a rabbit that is watching for the age of Peter Pan, in a disoriented canal, in a flag in the wind… The list goes on.

In Chinese, “chemistry” means the study of transformation. Christophe Terlinden is a chemist from the Middle Kingdom. The milieu as an environment, a context, from which he crumples and unravels the senses, reveals the signs and frees the entities that probe the modalities of our system. The artist manoeuvres between art, play and functionality.
He combines, moves, assembles and gathers.

Amicitia pactum Salis, as the Middle Ages said…

This book is a poetically political space whose nutritional content is rich in iodine.