Paroles d’artiste

Paroles d’artiste

Paroles d’artiste highlights the work of our resident artists and is also open to other projects in progress in order to make heard what cannot be seen…

Paroles d’artiste 1

Balthazar Blumberg 

During his autumn-winter 2020 residency at ISELP, Balthazar Blumberg was able to deepen his research into the points of passage between drawing, photography and narration, by working on the mystery of stalagmitic concretions housed in the heart of limestone caves.

Paroles d’artiste 2

Nina Tomàs 

During her residency between March and June 2021 at ISELP, Nina Tomas was able to deepen her artistic research by opening her pictorial field to other technical and formal experiments in order to discover unexplored territories.