Ibidem highlights the researchers who explore Belgian art. In the company of Adrien Grimmeau, they talk about their work and their discoveries. In the form of an interview, these podcasts paint a double portrait: that of the art historians, and that of their subject.

Ibidem 1
Virginie Mamet on Tapta’s soft sculptures

First encounter with Virginie Mamet: in her final thesis at the ULB, she was interested in Tapta’s textile art in the 1970s, and more specifically in his relationship to the artist’s body and the body of the spectators. Since then, Virginie Mamet has collaborated on various exhibitions and publications on Tapta, notably at TAMAT.

Ibidem 2
Constantin Meunier and his Museum:
meeting with the curator Davy Depelchin

The Constantin Meunier Museum has just begun a long-term reflection on its future renovation, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. For the occasion, its new curator Davy Depelchin presents the state of research on the sculptor and the perspectives that are opening up.

Ibidem 3
Prosody and punching:
the second surrealist generation as seen by Marie Godet

In 2022, Pol Bury and Christian Dotremont celebrate their centenary. Both belong to the second surrealist generation. How did they digest the legacy of Magritte and their predecessors? Marie Godet, a specialist in this period, sheds light on the evolution of surrealism after its first golden age, and tells us about the Daily-Bul & C° Centre, of which she has been director since 2021.