Constellations is one of the visibility organs of the ISELP scientific residency programme. The researchers share their concerns, their questions, their influences and their modes of investigation. Through a constellation of reflections and personal references, they give us an insight into their thinking and inform us about the world in which we live.

Constellations 1

Lyse Vancampenhoudt – septembre 2020-février 2021 

Lyse Vancampenhoudt, the first researcher to be hosted at ISELP in the context of the scientific residency programme, presents the results of the research that occupied her between September 2020 and February 2021. She tells how questioning the androcentric Magritte-Broodthaers-Dotremont filiation allowed her to understand certain mechanisms of invisibilisation of women artists during the 20th century, and to trace some of them, including Anna Staritsky, Maryvonne Collot, Cécile Miguel, Yvonne van Ginneken and Suzy Embo.