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Screening - masterclass
11 May.2022


SIC collective session - Screening and masterclass by Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam and Geoffroy Cernaix

SoundImageCulture – SIC is a working space where artists, filmmakers and anthropologists can find support to realise their personal projects. It offers a one-year artistic coaching programme through collective sessions.

ISELP hosts three public events as part of these collective sessions in May: a masterclass, a workshop and a screening.

Faced with the difficulty of defending their point of view and working method through a film, Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam, originally from Cameroon, which she left in 2007, and Geoffroy Cernaix co-founded Tândor Productions in 2018. This platform enabled them to conclude and broadcast their first co-production, Les prières de Delphine (2021, 80′).

In this documentary, Delphine, a young Cameroonian woman, tries to emancipate herself from her life context. Her efforts lead her to Belgium, where her European dream unfortunately does not have the desired effect. She is part of this generation of young African women who are crushed by our patriarchal societies. Through her courage and strength, she exposes these patterns of domination that are still too widespread today.
The morning will be devoted to the screening of the film; in the afternoon, the filmmakers will share their production process and discuss the power relations that punctuate the different stages of film-making, from conception to distribution.