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19 May.2022

Info & Reservations: www.nocturnes.brussels 

19 May.2022


The Nocturnes are back and open your eyes to the treasures of Brussels’ museums and art centres.

Discover the ISELP in a new and unusual way with a programme specially designed for the occasion.

On the programme:

– 5pm > 6pm: Free guided tour with curator Catherine Henkinet and the artists of New Horizons in Painting

– 6pm > 7pm & 7pm > 8pm: Discovering the exhibition (intervention) with the collective Moindres Choses

The collective Moindres Choses has the habit of intervening in places where they are not expected to, to propose poetic and offbeat interventions in everyday situations. Moindres Choses will reveal its key objects on a silver platter. With a tea towel on your arm and a tray in your hand, our waitresses for a night will offer you mignardises straight out of the MC cuisine.

On the menu (the crème de la crème): Coffee-poem tastings, Pocket fund collections and distributions, Bottle-butt light show, Kitchen-music concerto and artistic confessions ”

– 8pm > 9pm & 9pm > 10pm: Intervention / Detox performance by Harold Lechien, resident at ISELP

Harold Lechien proposes during this evening a performance based on the usual object, the image and the culture of well-being born from the influence of social media. A “Detox” project designed to clean up our minds and perhaps also our bodies…

+ DJ set Drache Mumu to end the evening in a relaxed way

And don’t forget our Standing Guides/mediators throughout the evening!

Info & booking: https://nocturnes.brussels/fr/museum/iselp/