Text: Adrien Grimmeau
CFC Editions / ISELP
out of print


BONOM, le singe boîteux

Vincent Glowinski, Ian Dykmans 

BONOM, le singe boîteux

For a decade, under the pseudonym BONOM, Vincent Glowinski has been producing monumental paintings in Brussels and Paris. Bonom, le singe boite retraces the artist’s career, thanks in particular to the powerful photographs of Ian Dykmans, who followed him in action on his urban and nocturnal routes.

The originality of his universe, combined with a personal style, a keen sense of space and a taste for risk, have made his work unique and made him one of the most interesting artists of his generation.

Now that he has freed himself from his fictional character Bonom, Vincent Glowinski is (also) working openly and, in collaboration with Ultima Vez, the company of Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus, is presenting a show that turns his body into a paintbrush. In this book, sketches and preparatory drawings are combined with photographs by Ian Dykmans, who has followed Vincent on his urban journeys and during his performances – particularly on stage. Taking advantage of the film medium, his images highlight the mystery and expressive charge of Bonom’s creatures.