Edited by Pauline de La Boulaye and Adrien Grimmeau
Texts : Olivier Bastin, Julien Celdran, Laurent Courtens, Gilles Debrun, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Xurxo Durán Sineiro, Jérôme Giller, Stephan Goldrajch, Tiffany Hernalesteen, Thomas Laureyssens, Edwin Lavallée, Laurent Petit, Arnaud Théval, Septembre Tiberghien, Cécile Vandernoot
CFC Editions / ISELP
224 pages
15 EUR


Being Urban

For art in the city. Brussels

Being Urban

The Being Urban laboratory at ISELP brought together artists, urban actors and inhabitants to reflect on a common theme: the place of the human being in our urban future. 

The texts gathered here are the result of this laboratory. They start from the points of view of artists, public officials and experts – urban planners, architects, historians and art historians – in order to envisage concrete courses of action. The art supported by this book aims to create and activate spaces of freedom, human links, questioning and openness.

It traces the evolution of urban planning and public art in Brussels since 2000, highlights recent projects that are concerned with the collective urban future, and provides tools for the renewal of art in the city. A vital issue in the current context. A useful guide for those who want to decompartmentalise art and society and see Brussels differently.