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Three permanent installations on the Recy K site

Works by Joachim Coucke, Adrien Tirtiaux and Thierry Verbeke

Three permanent installations on the Recy K site

Recy K is a site developed and managed by the Brussels Cleanliness Agency, home to various initiatives active in the field of recycling. Inaugurated in 2016, the building is the result of a renovation designed by the Baneton-Garrino architectural firm.

It is located in Anderlecht, along the canal, right next to the Delacroix station. Recy K acts as a lever to stimulate the circular and social economy. It is a centre for production, exchange and training, as well as an educational tool to visualise the potential of an economy that approaches the relationship between resources, production and waste in a revolutionary way. ISELP was appointed to guide artistic integrations in the building, in connection with Recy K’s activity. The artists Joachim Coucke (BE, 1983), Adrien Tirtiaux (BE, 1980) and Thierry Verbeke (FR, 1970) were chosen for their attention to context, materials, production conditions and social relations. The three works they produced were completed in 2021.  

***, by Joachim Coucke, is a neon work that reminds us of the existence of digital worlds when dealing with ecological issues.  

Thierry Verbeke’s –  *** photo montage presents a post-apocalyptic version of the New York stock exchange district, based on the model of romantic ruins, thus envisioning the eventuality of the fall of the capitalist system.   

Ciel de Bruxelles, by Adrien Tirtiaux, proposes use of the Recy K building as a periscope: Thanks to a precise arrangement of mirror panels, daylight from one of the sheds in the main industrial hall is channelled towards the long ramp that runs right through the site. As well as illuminating the dark passageway at the heart of the building complex, this system creates a light call from the Quai Fernand Demets – a circle of sky inscribed in a black rectangle.