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Duration: 2 hours
Price: free of charge
In class or in the ISELP auditorium
Monday to Friday
By reservation

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What is the purpose?

Workshop on the analysis of modern and contemporary artworks

What is the purpose?

Using famous works from the history of recent art (Lʼorigine du monde by Gustave Courbet, the Carré blanc sur fond blanc by Kasimir Malévitch, Cloaca, the defecation machine by Wim Delvoye), an ISELP art historian will explore the questions, common grounds and stereotypes attached to art of yesterday and today during an illustrated discussion. 
The questions of the usefulness of art, the evolution of the status of artists, the history of the avant-gardes, abstraction, the market, etc. are all addressed in turn. 
In class or in the ISELP auditorium