Practical information

From 12 years old
Duration: 2 hours
2 options: Street Art or Public Art 
Price: €50 (schools and associations) / €100 (private groups)
From Monday to Friday
By reservation

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City Trip

Exploring public art and street art in Brussels

City Trip

The Marolles, the Riches-Claires, Sainte-Catherine, the canal, etc. Brussels is full of public artworks, as well as frescoes, montages and other stencils stamped with the Street Art label – created illegally or with the help of the public authorities. 

For two hours, accompanied by one of the ISELP coordinators, an exploratory walk will take you to encounter some of these works and attempt to place their creative origins in a historical and social context that is essential for a better understanding of the city and its future. In addition, ISELP has a solid documentary collection devoted to public art, urban art and street art. This is a great way to expand insights gained during the exploratory walk through documentation.